Capricorn Ascendant: Your Rising Sign Horoscope for 2023 - 2024

From September 2023 through January 2024, you will learn a lot about yourself, your life and all the events that happen in your life. This is going to help you in 2024 to establish a better version of yourself and pursue your goals. The bond with loved ones improves and becomes closer, you can certainly look forward to that. As for your career, everything will eventually fall into place, even if it looks uncertain at first. Because by then you know for yourself what you want and don't want anymore, you can make the right choices in that.

This Ascendant Horoscope covers the period from September 2023 to August 2024.

Career, studies and finance

The personal and spiritual development you experienced in 2023 continues through January 2024. This makes a lot more clear for yourself and it causes you to look differently at your work or studies. You will realize more and more what is really important and what you want to spend your time and energy on. In January 2024, this will become completely clear to you. In February 2024 it will be good to start taking steps in this. For one Capricorn ascendant that means applying for a job or looking for another study; for another, seeing what is possible within your current job or study. Either way, it is almost inevitable that things are going to look much better and more suitable for you. You're going to experience much more fun and fulfilment, and you're going to be a much more sociable colleague or fellow student! The developments you've gone through and the choices that result from them will ensure that you'll be in a better place from March 2024. Then everything will fall into place and you yourself will find more inner peace. Then you can look back on an eventful year in which it seems as if you have become a different person. Somehow that is true!

On the financial front, fortunately, there is very little going on. As a Capricorn ascendant, you handle your money wisely and seriously, and you will be rewarded for that. On top of that, your income improves in 2024, so you have even less to worry about in this area. It is much more important that you use your money for yourself, your personal growth and development and last but not least, to enjoy it!


Your personal and spiritual development is also going to give you more and more insight into your health and the origin of your complaints. This often turns out to be related to emotions or unprocessed issues. If you want to do something about this, it is advisable to involve the alternative circuit in addition to regular, medical help. To help you heal your energetic, emotional side. If you actively work on this, you can get rid of your complaints in cooperation with various social workers. It is important that you dare to be open and honest with yourself and that you can let go of the past.    

Spare time

Fortunately, you have enough to enjoy in your free time! So be sure to take advantage of that. This could mean that in the fall of 2023 you will enthusiastically participate in a course or workshop or that from March 2024 you will go away for the weekend or take a well-deserved vacation. You may focus on yourself a little more often. You have worked so well on yourself, you should reward yourself for that.  

Love & Relationship

The beautiful developments you are going through as Capricorn ascendant also provide the necessary insights into your relationship and love life. This allows you to work constructively on any issues and to improve and deepen your relationship. As a single person you will start to love and appreciate yourself more and more, allowing you to attract the right partner more quickly.

Love as a single person

In the fall of 2023 you will go through a beautiful development, which will make you gain more and more self-knowledge and appreciate yourself. You will also gain insight into past relationships, allowing you to see why they went wrong. In 2024 you will literally get a fresh new start. You owe that to yourself and your hard, inner work. From March 2024 you will be rewarded for that with beautiful encounters, even when you are not consciously looking for them. In the spring of 2024, you may just find a perfect match.   

Love in relationship

If there are issues in your relationship, you will gain more and more insight into them. Especially the role you play in your relationship. You are capable of not (always) putting the blame on your partner, but of seeing how you stand in it. Good and profound conversations, improve and deepen your relationship more and more, so there is a good chance that it will be better than ever. For some ascendant Capricorns, the conclusion may be a breakup, in that case something has been going on for some time and the differences are insurmountable. Then both of you support this decision.

Social circle

There are going to be new people in your life, it's almost inevitable. If not through the courses, trainings or workshops you will follow, then certainly through your (new) job or study. Every new encounter, brings inspiration and insights with it, allowing you to develop even more. The relationship with family and close friends is strengthened and deepened or broken. If the latter is the case, it happens naturally. Then it is simply finished between you. In the former case, you are able to show yourself more and make yourself vulnerable. This leads to that beautiful deepening and closer relationship. Conversations are about something and you are able to forgive each other. In that respect, you can look forward to very beautiful, fine and special developments in this area.   

Growth tip!

Let your insights be your compass in the coming year. Base your choices on them and then dare to trust that everything will develop perfectly afterwards.        

Lucky days & favourable periods

You are going to face a lot of highlights, so it is regularly a favorable period for you in the coming period. When it comes to your personal growth and development, autumn 2023 is a fine time. Regarding your relationship, love life and career, spring 2024 is a fine time. Of course, you also face lucky days and you can expect them on September 11th, 2023, May 29th, 2024 and June 3th, 2024.



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