Gentle. Affectionate. Curious. Adaptable. Geminians are vivacious, restless, intelligent, thinkers, irregular, mercurial beings who rarely stay in one spot - physically or philosophically - for a really long time. They are wonderful communicators and effectively influence individuals to their own thoughts and feelings. Geminians hate fatigue - without a doubt, they run from it - and regularly incline towards spreading their impressive passionate and scholarly energies among an assortment of assignments and individuals. This capacity to complete a many things at once is very common of the Geminians' dual nature appropriately illustrated by the Twins. Ineffectively directed, nonetheless, the Geminians failure to settle down with a certain something or one someone can prompt the presence of shallowness and a propensity to look over the significant important details of life.

Those born between May 22nd and June 21st have the Sun in Gemini. Geminians belong to the element of Air and they posses a Mutable quality. This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury.



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