Leo Ascendant: Your Rising Sign Horoscope for 2023 - 2024

After a hectic and turbulent summer of 2023, you enter calmer waters in the fall. You will then have the chance to sort everything out for yourself and process it emotionally. This is also necessary, as 2024 holds the necessary changes in store for you. Then it is important that you know what your plans are and what goals you wish to achieve. That will give you a very clear head start in 2024. You will have the opportunity to achieve what you really want.

This Ascendant Horoscope covers the period from September 2023 to August 2024.

Career, studies and finance

As a Leo ascendant, you are very fixated on your studies or career. This is extremely important to you. In 2023 you have already gone through the necessary changes and developments, which have not been easy for you. Therefore, in the fall of 2023 you should take a rest and let everything pass in review. You need that to gain insight into everything that has happened, what you did well and what you were able to learn from. After all, the changes are not over yet and you do not feel you are where you want to be. As of January 2024, the first changes are already coming. Make sure you say goodbye to old situations before you step into new ones. That means making a clear choice. For example quit a study or job that no longer suits you, before embarking on a new adventure. After all, you can't serve two masters. That's why the "pre-work" in the fall of 2023 is so important for your future. As of January 2024, make sure you know what you want to work forward to that year. What you want to go for and what you want to let pass you by. Then great things can happen in 2024.

You work hard for a good income and you like to spend it. In the fall of 2023 that's not a problem, then you can probably afford it. From 2024 on, things will become a little more uncertain. Then it’s good to have and keep an insight into your budget, to avoid financial problems. Not that it's going to be an insoluble problem, but prevention is always better than cure.


Working too much and too hard is obviously not good for your health! That makes sense. That is why it is necessary for you to rest and recharge especially in the fall of 2023. You need that after everything that has happened in 2023 and is going to happen in 2024. Treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation or sleep in more often. Devote more time to your hobbies and loved ones to relax even more. Don't always put your job or studies first and try to see what is really important in life. The right balance is essential, and you will be challenged in that regard in the coming months.

Spare time

Make time for yourself, especially in the most busy periods. Because that is when you often miss out, even though that is what you need the most. Use that free time for sports and exercise, which is good for your body. Also spend time with friends and loved ones, because they provide the necessary relaxation and enjoyment. Also, dare to be lazy and do nothing more often. There is nothing wrong with that and it will do you a lot of good.

Love & Relationship

Your relationship doesn't always go over roses unfortunately. Especially in 2024, when changes in your career come up again. It is then important to keep paying attention to your partner and not stop communicating. As a single you will have a date here and there, yet chances are that there will not be a serious match right away.   

Love as a single Person

As a Leo ascendant, you usually have no lack of attention. This will also lead to the necessary dates or onenightstands in the coming months. This is not always the intention and at the same time you probably don't find it a big problem. You enjoy the intimate moments, even if they don't last long. When you have enough friends and family around you, you don't miss a serious relationship in your life. Then you get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from them. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that a serious candidate will appear in your life in July 2024.   

Love in relationship

Because you are often focused on your job or studies, your relationship sometimes slips in unintentionally. This happens right from January 2024. Therefore, it is important not to lose sight of your partner and keep communicating. Otherwise, chances are that irritations and frustrations will arise and that is really not necessary. Just reflect more often on how your relationship is going and if it needs attention, give it attention. Then the bond between you will only get stronger and deeper and that is exactly what you need.

Social Circle

During busy periods, don't forget your friends and family, either. After all, they are essential to your enjoyment and relaxation. They help you put things into perspective and regain balance. In conversations, they can even provide the necessary insights. So be sure to make time for them and enjoy those moments. In July and August 2024, chances are that new people will come into your life. New colleagues or people you meet on vacation or who join your (sports) club. This is very refreshing and can positively shake up your social life. Also, during this same period, there is a good chance that there will be expansion in your family circle. Perhaps with a birth or a new partner for one of your single relatives. Either way, in this area, you won't be short of much in the coming period.  

Growth Tip!

Don't always put your job or studies first. Also think about yourself and your own needs, make time for that. As well as for your partner, friends and family.   

Lucky days & favourable periods

Give yourself rest and relaxation in the fall of 2023. Then that will naturally become a happy and auspicious period. After that, things can get hectic and turbulent and sometimes you wish things were more relaxed! Nevertheless, beautiful days are certainly waiting for you and they are on November 27, 2023 and in 2024, on July 25 and August 2. These are days to enjoy or count on meeting as a single.




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