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Margarita Celeste

Astrology has been my passion ever since I can remember. When I think back to my younger years, I recall always knowing people’s Star sign, sometimes remembering that before I could think of their name! Linda Goodman, famous 60’s astrology writer, was my “gateway drug” into this mysterious and ever fascinating world, and I pored over her magical words, feeling a deep resonation in what seemed to be able to explain myself to me.

Fast forward to my twenties, I began studying Vedic (Eastern) Astrology under the tutelage of my uncle, and became so hungry for more than I eventually enrolled in a 3-year Diploma Course with Rod Suskin’s School of Astrology. Having achieved a Scholarship for my final year, I graduated with a distinction and headed abroad, leaving my full-time job over my Saturn Return at 29 to grow my career.

I returned to Cape Town, after building experience doing workshops and consults to conscious communities in the East, and began teaching my own 12-week astrology foundations course, as well as holding both Astrology & Tarot workshops on various topics . Tarot, for me, is the perfect pairing to the more rational focus of Astrology, allowing for my intuition to flourish and grow.

As I gained more experience and explored many different types of astrology, from natal (in simple terms, “personality”) astrology, to predictive astrology, relationship focussed astrology to question-based astrology. Eventually, I found what I resonated with the strongest, and that is “psychological” astrology, so to speak. Although I am not a psychologist, I began realising that I had a wonderful knack of showing people their complexes, shadows and gifts, and that my sessions were compared to a “really good therapy session”. I find pride in being able to look back and see influences of the past, find resolution and shine a light on the things that perhaps have not been seen by the client.

This was further influenced by y studies of Jung, and over 2016 and 2018, I studied two life-changing courses, one in Yoga & Psychotherapy, and one being the “12 steps to Individuation” Jungian course, followed by the Conscious Living Program.

These two courses profoundly influenced my approach to Astrology, and lent me a further “Map of the Psyche”, helping me to learn how to break down the various concepts into astrological terms and to explore Archetypal meanings behind the planets . These 10 planets can inform us of our own complexes, archetypal energies and behaviours, what parts may be strong and active within us, and what parts are neglected or unconscious.

Many of Jung’s theories fit beautifully with Astrological Symbols, such as the Persona with the Rising Sign, the Shadow with the planet Pluto, our subconscious longing and suppressions with our 12th house, and the Anima and Animus with Venus and Mars, with the Sun as the central “Self”, the core of our vitality.

At the same time, over the last few years I have been constantly contacted to do work on relationship astrology, from texts on astrological compatibility, to consults with couples looking for ways to improve their relationships. This is a particular area of interest for me, and something I am extremely passionate about.

My Qualifications:

3yr Dipl. Traditional Astrology – Rod Suskin School of Astrology
Psychology & Yoga – Agama Yoga, Koh Phangan
200hr Yoga Teacher Training – Rishikesh, India
12 Steps to Individuation – Centre of Applied Jungian Studies
Intermediate Tarot Reading – School of Intuition and Healing
8 – week Mindfulness Based Family Programme

The Courses I teach:

12 week “Astrology for Self-Empowerment” Course (via School of Intuition & Healing)
12 week “Power of Prediction” Astrology Course (via School of Intuition & Healing)
4-month Tarot Basics Course (Via Metavarsity)

Retreats/Talks/Workshops, Past & Present:

“Retreat Yourself” – a yearly spirit-fest incorporating modern & traditional healing modalities
Monthly Astrology Talk on Cape Talk Radio
Yearly Astrology Retreats at The Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo, KZN
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How can I help you?

Birth Chart Reading

The insight & information gained from this reading forms the basis of all further astrological interpretation.

Year Ahead Reading

This reading is helpful in preparing for the upcoming year of life, by understanding the most important areas of focus.

Compatibility Reading

The compatibility reading is used to determine compatibility between two people.



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