Scorpio Ascendant: Your Rising Sign Horoscope for 2023 - 2024

You may start reviewing different aspects of your life in the coming months. Examine your job, studies, relationships and friendships to see if you are still on the right track. In fact, you will be challenged to put your life in order on many fronts and see if you are still experiencing enough fulfilment and joy. This can sometimes be confrontational and also enlightening. When you make the right changes thanks to your new insights, it can be a fantastic year for you.

This Ascendant Horoscope covers the period from September 2023 to August 2024.

Career, studies and finance

As a Scorpio ascendant, you always give one hundred percent effort at work or school. As long as this pays off and you are appreciated for it, there is of course nothing wrong. Here you can expect developments. Chances are that you will no longer achieve the desired results or that you will feel unappreciated. This will play out from December 2023 through mid-March 2024. It may take some time to realize why you no longer enjoy your job or study. Still, at some point you can no longer ignore it. Then it’s important to take action. Find for yourself where the shoe pinches and what it is that makes you less happy. This will enable you to take the right steps. That could be talking to your supervisor or mentor or choosing to find another job or study. This can be quite an exciting and stressful time for you, but know that you will be rewarded for it in the end. From May 2024, the tide will turn and wonderful new opportunities will come your way. Then it's just a matter of following your gut.  

When it comes to finances, it is also a good idea to put things in order in the coming months. Know what you really have to spend and where all your money goes each month. Then you will also know what you need to save, when one month less money comes in. The great thing is, if you follow your heart and choose the right job, your financial status will grow with you. As of June 2024, you'll have the wind at your back in that regard.


In general, you are comfortable in your own skin. Only during the months when you are struggling with yourself about your job or studies, you can experience some stress. That is between December 2023 and March 2024. In addition, as a Scorpio ascendant you have the tendency to bottle up your emotions and want to solve it all on your own. In doing so, you make it incredibly difficult for yourself when you don't need to. Open your heart and confide in someone. That will provide relief and can also lead to solutions and new insights. In any case, it will feel less lonely and give you the confidence that things will work out.  

Spare time

As a Scorpio ascendant, you are highly sensitive and need time to yourself regularly to process all the impressions you pick up throughout the day. So make enough room for that in your free time. It can also help to immerse yourself in spiritual or psychological topics. Not only do you get pleasure from getting to the bottom of something, it actually helps you move forward in a positive way.  

Love & Relationship

Your relationship will be quite stable for the next few months. However, it is important that you include your partner in your worries, fears and doubts. Don't shut him or her out. For you as a single person, it may take some time before you bump into someone attractive. You don't mind that much, either. You're also not truly ready until 2024.

Love as a single person

In the fall of 2023, you are mostly busy with the perils of your job or school. Your mind is not necessarily on dating or a new love. When you feel that everything is back in order around April 2024, you slowly but surely are more open to it again. Although you are not desperately looking. Especially the months of June through August 2024 look positive for you and then the chances of meeting someone unexpectedly are incredibly high, on or offline.  

Love in relationship

To keep your relationship positive, keep sharing your concerns. Do not repress emotions and thoughts, let your other half know what is going on internally. Otherwise, he or she may get the feeling that you are shutting him or her out or that something else is going on. Your partner can help you think about it and perhaps find a solution together. When peace has returned, it is good to spend time together more often. Then go away or go on a vacation together between May and September 2024.

Social circle

Chances are that as a Scorpio ascendant you do not have a very large circle of acquaintances, rather a number of good friends with whom you have a close relationship. Fortunately, nothing will change that, as long as you continue to involve them in your life. Do not exclude them, as this can cause irritation or frustration and that is not necessary. If you get into a new relationship as a single person, your social circle can grow considerably. Your new partner's family and friends are people you do fit in with, and that can create beautiful and enjoyable moments. Especially in June or July 2024, great times await you on that front. If there is something to celebrate, make a point of inviting everyone who means something to you. Then the summer of 2024 in particular can become unforgettable for you.  

Growth tip!

Don't carry your worries and problems alone. You have many people around you whom you can trust and who will be happy to help you.  

Lucky days & favourable periods

The fall of 2023 begins quietly and during the winter of 2023/2024 things become more turbulent in your life. Nevertheless, this will lead you to better times and especially a more suitable job or study. The months of May through August 2024 in particular look top for you. Then you will have your career on track and experience wonderful moments with your partner and loved ones. Really lucky days are May 27th, 2024, June 15th, 2024 and July 28th, 2024.



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