Virgo Ascendant: Your Rising Sign Horoscope for 2023 - 2024

As a Virgo ascendant, you like to be in control, to approach your life rationally and not let emotions influence you too much. In this you will be challenged considerably in the coming months. Especially in the fall of 2023, when there are developments on the relationship front. Your own emotions are trying to come to the surface to be felt. So the necessary inner work will be required of you in the coming year. If you engage in that, you can grow and develop yourself in a positive way.

This Ascendant Horoscope covers the period from September 2023 to August 2024.

Career, studies and finance

Chances are that you frequently struggle with yourself. You often ask yourself whether you are still in the right place and whether your job or study still gives you satisfaction. As long as you don't involve your feelings in this and continue to reason everything out intellectually, you won't get an answer to this very quickly. The months of September through November 2023 can be particularly challenging in this regard. On top of that, there are the necessary developments taking place that almost force you to stop and think about what you really want. Be careful not to anxiously maintain control or direct everything. That is counterproductive, and in doing so, you will antagonize your colleagues and managers. You really have to turn your gaze inward and tune back in to your gut and intuition. You have to trust that this will lead you to the right places, job or study. A whole process that may not always be easy for you and is so important and valuable for that very reason. If you can let go of control and surrender to your intuition, 2024 will look beautiful. Then exactly those people will come your way who will make sure you end up in exactly the right places.

You can also worry about your finances on a regular basis. Especially when changes are on the way or you are not sure about the future of your job. This is why it is important to let go of control and let your intuition guide you, and then everything will land on its feet. Especially the months of May and June 2024 look very positive for you in this regard, dare to trust that.


Your inner struggles often throw you off balance and make you stressed. As a Virgo ascendant, you are much in motion and shift gears quickly. Nice qualities, just not when you are stressed yourself. Getting your rest and maybe even spending time alone is exactly what you need. Don't always seek out other people to discuss your problems mentally; that makes you even more nervous. Go for a walk alone in nature, cook mindfull or do a guided meditation. This will help you find the peace and wisdom within yourself that you possess. Try to make this a new routine, as it will immediately give you a better grip on yourself.

Spare time

You may not have spent much time with yourself or your personal growth and development in the past. Yet that is exactly what you can focus on in the coming year. Especially in your free time! Find a way to get to your feelings and intuition. You can do that by getting into a psychological or spiritual subject or by actually spending time alone. Maybe challenging, but it's going to bring you a lot.

Love & Relationship

In the fall of 2023, there may be developments in your relationship. Especially when you dare to tune in more and more to your feelings and discover that things are not all to your liking (anymore). There may also be developments with your partner. As a single, it is advisable to work on your self-love. After that, the chances of meeting someone become very high.

Love as a single person

As long as you don't feel love for yourself, you won't attract the right partner in your life at all. It is important that you begin to realize, that a relationship is an addition and not an fulfilment. This requires openness and honesty towards yourself and perhaps some professional guidance in this. The autumn of 2023 is perfect for this. When you do your inner work, the months of April through June 2024 look promising. Then you are very likely to find a match.

Love in relationship

The months of September through November can be very challenging and tempestuous for you. Perhaps your partner comes with surprising revelations or there are other developments that you don't see coming right away. It could also be, that you have the necessary doubts or are no longer sure, if your partner still suits you. As a Virgo ascendant you do not like changes, you like to know where you stand. Yet this is necessary to find security and stability in yourself. Again, let go of control and trust yourself.

Social circle

As a Virgo ascendant, you often seek out family, friends or acquaintances as distractions so as not to be too preoccupied with yourself. That is not the way to go in the coming year. Discussing your problems intellectually solves nothing. Advice from others, no matter how well-intentioned, is useless. It is not about them. It is your feelings where you may go, and you alone can walk that road yourself. When you start doing that and seek help, you will see that the right people will come your way, who can help you further. Where you can express your feelings in confidence and who can help you deal with them. If you join a spiritual club or therapy group, you can meet nice new people who will show you a whole different side of yourself. New friends may even emerge from this.  

Growth Tip!

Dare to let go of control and turn your gaze inward. There is a lot to gain in this area in the coming year and it supports you in the process of personal growth and development.     

Lucky days & favourable period

Developments are to be expected this year not so much in the outer world but rather in your inner world. You can make very beautiful leaps in that, provided you dare to dedicate yourself to it. If you dare to go in depth, you will be rewarded from April 2024. Then you will feel much better and dare to trust yourself and your intuition more. Really favorable days for you are April 11, 2024, May 7, 2024 and June 22, 2024.




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