Sagittarius Ascendant: Your Rising Sign Horoscope for 2023 - 2024

As a Sagittarius ascendant, you are very attached to your freedom. If your other half does not allow enough of that, this can lead to serious conflicts. Especially in December 2023 and January 2024. After that it can go both ways. On the career front, you can also expect developments that will challenge you. What matters in the coming months is that you know exactly what you want and take care of it without short-changing anyone else. In this context you can learn a lot about yourself.

This Ascendant Horoscope covers the period from September 2023 to August 2024.

Career, studies and finance

In the winter of 2023/2024, things may become very turbulent at school or at your work. Developments arise that you do not choose. This puts things on edge. Then, it’s incredibly important that you stay alert and make sure that you stay informed of all the latest news. That is the best way for you to participate. You can't control everything, but you can respond to changes you see coming. This could mean that around April 2024 you will change jobs or studies, or go in a different function or direction. So although you may not have initially chosen to do this, it just might be a good match. It presents you with a new challenge and a way to grow and develop in your job or study and this does suit you! Do stay in conversation with colleagues or fellow students so that you stay on the same page together. If you are positive about it, this change can bring you a lot. Especially as of June 2024. You'll meet cool new people or get to engage in something special. Then you can look back on a hectic year, but thankfully one that has a happy ending. 

Financially, there is little missing in the coming months. Especially if you are alert to all developments and make the right choices in time. Then you can even make progress! However, it is important to avoid impulsive purchases, especially in 2024. It remains an unpredictable time on all fronts and it’s always good to have some reserves. At least take care of that.


As a Sagittarius ascendant, you can handle change and unexpected developments quite well. Especially when it feels like a new challenge or adventure to you. This keeps you sharp and fit. However, it is and remains important for you to keep moving physically. Think of walking, cycling or running. Sporting activities that take place outdoors. This helps clear your head during busy times and keep the excess pounds off. To get and keep your health and well-being in balance, it is good to make time for this on a regular basis.

Spare time

As a fire ascendant, you need physical exercise. To stay healthy and also because of the pleasure you get from it. It can be cool to take part in a tournament or competition, that gives you extra pleasure and satisfaction. Especially when you can work towards a certain goal. You love competition and winning, so this is an excellent way to fill your free time in both 2023 and 2024.

Love & Relationship

There are developments to be expected within your relationship. You will increasingly feel the need to make your own plans and seek more freedom. It depends on your partner, how this will proceed. If you are single, you are not afraid to approach someone you find attractive. This allows you to score someone quickly.

Love as a single person

In the fall of 2023, things are looking positive for you. If you dare to follow your impulses and dare to step off to someone you find attractive, a match may just happen. You yourself are a bit overwhelmed at how quickly this is happening. In January 2024, it will take some time to find a balance and explore whether you really fit together. If you do, then everything else is fine. If you don't get enough space or the flame goes out, chances are you will draw a line under this in April 2024.  

Love in a relationship

Things can clash considerably between you and your partner when you don't get the space you so desperately need. Especially in the holiday month of December 2023 and in January 2024, things can run high between you. Then it depends on the base and how strong your relationship still is. Is there still love or have you grown apart. That will determine the further progress of your relationship. Is it over as far as you are concerned, then you draw a line under it in April 2024. If you still give it a chance, the rest of your relationship will be fine.

Social circle

You don't spend as much time with family, friends and acquaintances as you might like. Especially in the winter of 2023/2024, you are spending a lot of time with yourself, your relationship and your career. That takes priority and has your focus. Still, for your own relaxation and distraction, it is good to visit your family and closest friends regularly. So just when you don't have time for it! With the changes in school, your work and perhaps your love life, your social circle may also change. As a Sagittarius ascendant, you like that. New inspiring encounters and conversations that do make you happy. In that respect, a new beginning is not so wrong for you. Keep being considerate of others, you can sometimes be a bit dominant or domineering and you don't have to be. Be open to others.

Growth Tip!

Determine for yourself what you really want and desire. Then stay sharp and alert, especially when there are developments. That way you will get the most out of next year.

Lucky days & favourable periods

There are the necessary developments coming up and sometimes that causes stress. Usually, however, you see it as a challenge or adventure and you can deal with it in a positive way. This also allows you to improve yourself, despite or thanks to all these changes.  There are beautiful developments from June 2024. Both in love and in your career. Lucky days for you are: June 22th, 2024, July 1st, 2024 and July 31th, 2024.



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